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Elevated Tracks, W23 St.

Dekalb Genetics Hat
Tag # 000130

I am planning on seeing if Rudy Giuliani will let me plant RoundUp Ready corn products on New Yorks' abandoned elevated train tracks...

This hat might actually be a collectors item.. You see Dekalb was recently bought by chemical manufacturer Monsanto. So I assume that Dekalb no longer is aligned with the maker of Viagra.

Now why the hell a corn company would be in bed with the maker of Viagra I have know idea, unless they were trying to make corn grow taller???

Well what is really cool is that unbenounced to us, Monsanto has managed to convince a good share of America's farmers to unleash the world largest uncontrolled experiment. RoundUp Ready Genetically Modified products now constitute a huge portion of the corn and soybeans grown in this Country. Did you know that 60% of the Soybeans in this county are genetically modified? That means that all of the soy products that you consume (potato chips, cake mixes, hydrox cookies, tofu) are likely to contain genetically modified soy beans...

Mmmm well who cares anyways.. "they 've been raising hybrid varieties for years"

Well hybrid varieties of corn were made by breeding diferent types of corn like race horses, not taking the Genes of a race horse and inserting them into a variety of agricultural products...

What the hell is going on? Monsanto now "licenses" its seed technologies to farmers. What does this mean? It means that a soybean farmer has to change the way that he/she has grown soybeans for the last hundred years..Or else Monsanto will bring them to court

Well Monsanto will probably try an bring me to court too, but as far as I know, I have this little piece of protection called the First Amendment. So Monsanto please stop playing God, so that you can maintain your market share in the pesticide market...

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