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Road Trip With John Freyer
Tag # 000082

2-way round trip road trip (650miles or more) with John in the Honda

I'm not sure who tagged this item but it seems fitting. I have driven cross country about ten times or so, in the last ten years. Every six months or so I have to drive at least 18 hrs or I start to go crazy. Everytinme I go to the mall in Iowa City, I have to drive on I-80. I can't help but think that I could just keep driving and in less than a day I could be in New York City or San Francisco.

I'm going to New York in mid December so if you want to go in a road trip with me I will pick you up! So bid on this and I'll drive you to New York City. (Hopefully you can drive, and help me pay for gas)

Want to see what my road trips are like?

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