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Sarah's Christmas Gift
Tag # 000904

Sarah is my 1/2 sister, I never really got the distinction between 1/2, step and whole as far as siblings go. She is the daughter of my stepmother and my father, and she's as whole a sister as I can imagine. Are 1/2 sisters easier to baby sit, or change the diaper of?

Sarah is now a teenager which makes me feel really old. Thank god that Paul and I have given her mother such good on the job training for dealing with teenagers, I'm sure that they now know all the ways that kids can sneak out of the house at night.

(Sarah, if you want to make sure that you can get back in after sneaking out, leave the side door on the garage unlocked, but make sure you leave a clear path so that they don't hear you fumbling through the garage, If you get caught just tell them that you were working on your bicycle... I think that worked for me once )

Oh and Sarah,, you better be the highest bidder b/c I think you will actually like your gift from me this year.

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