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Snowboard Injury X-rays
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I spent the summer after my graduation from Hamilton College skateboarding and working temp jobs in Saratoga.. I would work evening shifts and then hang out and skateboard until 4 in the morning or so..It was convenient that way b/c I never really had the chance to talk to my dad about the fact that I was a college educated full time skateboarder..

So it wasn't until September when we got our load of wood for the wood stove, that I had to tell my dad what my "life plans" were... while we stacked wood for three days...

"Well Son"

"Well Dad?"

"Have you given your life any semblance of thought since you arrived back in Saratoga this summer? Besides becoming a better skateboarder?"

"Well, actually.... (long pause).. ..I ....... I have a Job!"


"A Job, I have a Job... See, ...........remember Franz? He lives in Utah and works at Snowbird Ski Resort, and I'm going to live with him and teach snowboarding at Snowbird. Yeah and I'm leaving on Friday... I start work next week, I didn't want to tell you all until I knew it was a sure thing"

Long story short: I went inside when the wood was stacked, and called Franz from the basement and asked him if he was serious when He asked me to move out there a year or two ago.. b/c I was leaving on Friday...

Well I left on Friday and started working at Snowbird in December. (Thanks Visa for supporting an out of work skateboarder) On my last day of the season that year, I awoke to 2ft of new snow, on top of a weeks worth of nightly snows. I went ridding with all of the out of work snowboard instructors, and ended up in some areas that we had never ridden in before..

For good reason, b/c the line that I decided to take was all rocks and lead to a 15ft cliff which I proceeded to fall off of, onto another set of rocks... onto my back...

I lied there thinking that I would never walk again. Well the x-rays show that the rocks missed my vertebrae buy half an inch. So I just bruised some muscle tissue.. Well I guess I won't need these anymore.. Not too much snowboarding in Iowa..


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