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Canned Heat, Hallelujah
Tag # 000816

These guys rock in that classic sense. Even though the lead singer has that high pitch little whine, they have some great songs.

Sic em pigs might be a little revolutionary nowadays, I wonder if they will ever advertise hair gel with it? Huautla is an old fats domino tune that they made into a great song.. And Canned Heat is a tune that I can't seem to get out of my head any time I say the bands name.

I got this record when Franz moved into his house that he bought in Salt Lake City, the previous owner left all of his classic rock records and I made a tape from them called "AM Radio A Go Go" and included a few songs from this album..

Now as you will hear if you listen to the MP3's this is not pristine like the waters of Poland spring water, but more like the pig shit filled waters of Iowa.. Well played and dusty... but rockin none the less.

Lo-Fi mono MP3's

Canned Heat

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