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Old Time Fiddlers T-shirt
Tag # 000790

Every Sunday night on WCNY fm in Syracuse NY, they would turn off that annoying classical music and open the airwaves to the Blue Grass Ramble.. It was always home to local blue grass heroes like the Delany Brothers and old tyme classics like the songs of Bill Monroe.

I never listened to Blue Grass until I liveed in Syracuse a few years back. I'm not sure why I like it. Its far from the disco dance club stuff that I played when I was on the radio. But there is a certain authenticity about it.

Especially the Blue Grass Ramble program where letters come in from all over the country with new tapes and records to play. Last summer when was driving through I had to hold my hand outside the window on the antenna so that I could continue to listen to the program as I drove out of range

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