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GAF Super8 Sound Camera
and 3 rolls of Super8Sound Film
Tag # 000762

Just before I left Light Work in February of 1998, someone donated a bunch of rolls of Super8Sound film. Since I was going on another roadtrip with Trey through the south, I bought a few rolls and started my search for a Super8Sound Camera..

I was kicking myself b/c I have had 2 or three Sound cameras in the past but since the film was no longer available I got rid of them.

I couldn't find a camera for the film anywhere and I broke down on the day before my trip and went to K&M camera on 23rd Street where I charged $189.00 on my new Household Mastercard, ( I had just quit my job, planned on making a ski movie, and had about $600 in the bank)

Well, Trey and I drove through the South and I shot a few rolls of film. While shooting I noticed a weird noise, so when I was settled in Salt Lake City, I sent it back to K&M. After looking at it they sent it back and said it was fine, So I shot another roll and the noise came back. So the next time I was in New York I brought the camera, and it still made the noise as I shot a roll of film one block from the store.

When I went into the store however it wouldn't make the noise. And the guy thought that I was crazy after already having sent it back to me once.

So maybe I am crazy and this $327.32 camera is as good as the day that I bought it... (I say $327 b/c I have been paying interest on the camera for the last three years)

It is really clean and according the experts at K&M is in prime working condition. I will include the letter from K&M telling me how well it works. I will also include three rolls of Super8Sound Film, 2 K40's and 1 160T.

Its a complete kit for any experimental filmmaker and the film alone is very hard to come by.

(I can't take returns on any of my stuff, there are reasons I am selling all this stuff!!!)

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