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John Freyer's Birthday Party
Tag # 000727

My Brithday is on December 31st, and every year I am reminded by my Father that I was the best gift he recieved in 1972. He was able to claim me as a dependant for all of 1972 even though Iwas only alive for 2 hours.

Normally, I spend New Years somewhere in New York City, with Trey and Bekah, but this year I am spending it in Iowa City at the Motley Cow Cafe.

Since I will not be in New York City on my Birthday, my friend Maya is throwing me a Birthday party at "Recess" in Tribecca on Thursday, December 28 at 8:30. This item is an opportunity to be "John D Freyer" at my birthday party, the higest bidder will recieve all of the free drinks that people might buy me as well as any gifts and cards..

"Recess" is on Spring Street between Greenwich and Wrenwick (the old bell cafe) You can get there by taking the C/E to Spring Street, Walk West on Spring Street...

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