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1 Drink with Maya Roberts
Tag # 000702

I have known Maya Roberts since the first day of my freshman year in college. She was the first person that I had ever done a trust fall with.. I'm not sure whether or not she dropped me.

I was best friends with Maya for three years until she started seeing some guy who took her to Prague for spring break. I now realize how jealous I was at the time. We did not really talk very much for three or four years after.

When I lived in New York this summer, I reestablished contact with her and we have been in good communication ever since. Over the summer she took me to one of the worst bars I have ever been to "Ice" on Canal Street. If you are the highest bidder on this item you too, could have an opportunity to buy Maya a really expensive drink in one of New York's worst bars... She can talk shit with just about annyone. One day when we were in college Maya and I were having coffee at the Florentine, where all the old Utica wiseguys used to hang out. One 80 or so year old guy was talking very loudly about the guys he had "wacked". After we were done with coffee Maya introduced herself to the table of wiseguys and took their pictures...

Any Takers?

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