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Mid American Energy Bill, Jan 2001,
Tag # 000696

So I opened my power bill this months to find that for the month of December when I was at home visiting my family my natural gas bill was $433.66. Who wants to buy my bill from me?

Deregulation is so great isn't it. Because when Mid American energy used to have to sell at a regulated rate they sure as hell made sure their supplier made enough natural gas to go around. But when they were deregulated they just let the natural gas suppliers decide to lower their production of natural gas b/c they would just pass the cost on to me.

So some natural gas supplier is now making more money than they did four years ago and I have real consumer choice, I could choose between paying Mid American energy 433.66 or I could have my gas shut off.

I wonder if our newly appointed King George has any share in the energy market. Hopefully they will deregulate the power in you state too so you can have your power bill quadruple in five months. Deregulate my ass.....

Who wants to pay my power bill for me?



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