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Infinite Jest, 1/8th Read
tag # 000590

LM and my sister Marnie used to have a running joke about my reading habits or lack there of. The joke would go "John have you ever read (insert best selling book by best selling author)" And my response would be.

"You know, you could save yourself a few syllables if you just asked me "have your ever read?" b/c the answer will be the same. "No" "

Well I borrowed this book from Marnie 3 years ago this month and it is still far from read.. It did however travel with me everywhere I've been, including Utah, Oregon, Vancouver, Sweden, Norway, California, New York City, Austin, Memphis, Atlanta, Nachez, MS, Las Vegas, and even Iowa City, Iowa... All with the hopes of being read.

May be you can read it an send it back to my sister when you are done. At least she would get it back then. It weighs slightly less than the OED that I sold last month.


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