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Tag # 000556

This is the tape that changed my life.

Bekah and I made this tape with her small record collection at Hamilton college, We included all of the Soul Classics including, Lets Get it On, Further On Down the Road, Outstanding, and Ohh Child, and on the B side we had the hip hop of the day including Who's Gonna take the Weight? and Juice.

Almost all of my friends at Hamilton had a copy of this tape, and this is the original master.

It was this tape that lead me to start collected records and got me hooked on disco and soul which lead to dance jazz and the like. Bekah and I used to trade tapes every few months when we were buying lost of records. Even when I'm making tape for other people, I can't help but decide what to play based on whether or not Bekah already knows that song. All of my tapes are filled with music that I didn't think Bekah had at the time...

This is the best tape I ever made.

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