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Latham Homes T-Shirt
Tag # 000531

My dad is a retired attorney, a life long republican that voted for none other that Ralph Nader I almost voted for Gore until I heard who my dad had voted for. I couldn't have my dad voting left of me..

Why would a life long republican vote for Nader? Well I have a few ideas, as an attorney he got to watch his corporate clients actively pollute the environment, defraud the government that lay off American workers..

One day I bought this mobile home manufacturing shirt at a thrift store. The first time that I wore this at home my dad asked me where I had gotten it. He had represented Latham Holmes in court.

Now the reason that I didn't vote for Bush were the allegations s that he used to snort cocaine.. Now call me crazy but how America could give Bill such shit for "Not Inhaling" and not attack King George for snorting the primary ingredient to crack?

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