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Weston Meter
Tag # 000401

What do you do with a broken Weston Meter? I have it sitting on a shelf in my house... It used to be in the glass table that I made out of a random shelf unit that LM carried around with her.

When LM was the program Director at WHCL at Hamilton College she asked the college wood shop to design an build new record racks for the amazing collection of Jazz and Blues records. The first shelf unit that they built had shelves that were was 13" x 42" x 6" deep... If you do the math.. That means that they made the shelves the same depth as the CD racks that they had just built. (not deep enough for a 12" record)

Well that first rack became a great glass table that we had in our apartment in Syracuse. That was a hard thing to leave behind, b/c it was a great place to display all of my old crap like this broken Weston Meter...

I'm not sure if they ever built the properly sized record racks because the program director after LM, had the "brilliant" idea of turning WHCL radio "all digital" (a great line on his resume) Except that idiot disposed of the most amazing collection of vinyl that I have ever seen. I hope that the Radio Station that eventually hired him appreciates the disservice that he did to the quality of radio in upstate New York...


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