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Empire Brewing Co. Shirt "Elvis"
Tag # 000339

There were only 10 of these shirts made at the Empire Brewing Company when they first opened. My cousin was a manager there and when I first moved to Syracuse with LM, he got me a job as a bus boy.

A boy boy with a BA... Once and a while I would see people that I went to college with and would have to bus their tables. So much for going to law school.. It was fun though and eventually I started waiting tables which is where the money is.

When I was leaving Lynn the general manager snuck this shirt out of the store room for me. It has the name "Elvis" embroidered on it and was originally made for one of the owners' ex-wives who's nick name used to be "Elvis." Well if you are out there, here is your chance to get your shirt back.

They make great beer at the Empire Brewing Company...

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