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Wyoming T-Shirt
Tag # 000285

In January of 2000 I had just returned from visiting my family for Christmas when I had a drink at a bar with a woman that I had had a crush on since the day that I met her. During the conversation we discoverd that we had mutual friends in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and started the wonder if we could just drive ourselves out there. We went back and forth about bout how broke we were and our work schedules and such. At last call at the George's Bar we decided that she would pay for gas if I drove my car.... So we went home gather up enough stuff for two days and hit the road at about 3 am or so.

We arrived in Jackson 18 hrs later and stayed at Krissi's house. While in Jackson I discovered that she also had a crush on me too. Which led me to believe in love at first sight and caused me to lose all sense of reason for the next three months. I found this shirt at the same thirft store where I bought my first western shirt in the summer of 1999. I didn't have even the dollar is cost soI let Micah buy it. She looked pretty good in it too.

Well I fell in love with her, almost bought two tickets to Las Vegas to marry her, and three months later we broke eachothers hearts. I found this shirt under my bed this summer after I returned from New York.

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