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Red Polyester Zipper Shirt
Tag # 000281

Its a little small on me, a 70's medium, not like the super baggy style that they sell at Target™. I like it though. Dancing is what this shirt is made for and I've done my fair share of dancing.

I took ballroom dancing lessons with LM when we first lived in Salt Lake City. The instructor had never taught before and I'm not sure she had ever taught, even after teaching our class for a semester. She decided that we would start slow with the Cha Cha. Which would have been a good dance to start with had she not decided to show us all 47 steps in the first class.

"Now you try it"

Well I was a snowboard instructor at the time and I likened her dance lessons to me taking a beginner to the top of the mountain, making fast turns all the way down to the bottom, and then radioing up to the student to tell them:

"Now you try it!"

I never learned the Cha Cha but I still dance alot and just pretend I know what I am dong, I wonder if any of the snowboard students I had just pretend to snowboard now?

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