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Fish Shirt
Tag # 000068

Fish... tropical fish.. lots of them. I love this shirt. One of LM's favorite things to do was shop, and by the time we broke up, I was getting into the shopping thing too..

Actually I've always been a shopper, but as you can see I mostly shoped second hand stores and the like, but I started shopping retail when I was dating LM, I started to like going to the mall. In fact after we broke up I went there on my own and even bought stuff from a department store. Forever a changed man..

Well the pendulum has swung back and I'm not a fan of the mall anymore, but this shirt was the turning point in my brief love for first hand retail shopping. Although discounted this shirt still cost 8 to 9 times what I was used to paying for a shirt but it was worth it b/c it is covered in tropical fish

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