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Weird Stuffed Bean Animal
Tag # 000235

Hmmm, I'm not sure if this has any of the collector value of say a Beanie Baby, but it is stuffed with some sort of puffy beans.

I won this at Coney Island this summer. "Everybody Wins, Guaranteed Prize" announced the barker to Maya and I. During my freshman year in college Maya and I were pretty much inseparable. When she met me I was a booster for the Catholic Church and she claims that I was even Pro Life which I don't quite remember, but I hope not. (Now I'm an atheist, thanks in part to late night chats with Maya)

Either way I got to hang out with her quite a bit this summer in New York City and she paid five dollars to the lady with the darts for our "Prize Every Time" and this is what you win. It looks nothing like the prizes hanging over the darts, this one comes from a box behind the counter.

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