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Driver Zine and Tape
Tag # 000220

Legacy Keys are very useful indeed. When I was at a Hamilton College, Tom Comerford (The same guy who gave me my phone list) gave me key #377 and #419 the keys for the external entrance to the art building and the key to the art office

With such a set of keys one might think that I would try and change my grades or pull pranks on the Art Faculty, but I was only interested in one thing, the photocopier.. free unlimited photocopying... That may explain why my sophomore year was filled with the production of five or six "premier" issues of assorted topical zines.

Trey and produced Driver during the final week of our Senior year. By this time the photocopier in the Art Office require a password because the "faculty had abused their photocopying privileges by making more than 200,000 copies during the 93/94 school year" Hmm...... some thought it was the art historians, others thought it was the studio faculty.....lucky the "Premier" issues didn't swing into full production.

Trey and I distributed this limited run to most of our friends and said good-bye. The tape was made by Trey and I taking turns putting songs on it.. Trey collected Indie Rock and I collected Disco, so this tape could be the worst combination of music since MTV actually played music videos.

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