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False Teeth
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Two slightly used false front teeth

When I was seven I had the nicest set of pearly white front teeth. That was until 1980 when on Easter Sunday my family went to Bellevue Country Club for Easter brunch. After eating a pound or two of peel and eat shrimp and some Roast Beef, I joined my three brothers and sister Marnie out side to run around the on golf course in our Easter Sunday Best. I didn't get very far. As I crossed from the first tee to the ninth green I tripped over a wire strung between the trees and fell face forward on to the golf cart path.

So of course I ran in to cry to my mother, not quite knowing that I had knocked my teeth out. The next hour all of the Easter Sunday diners were crawling around the golf course looking for John Freyer's two front teeth. Needless to say we did not find them that day. After a week of sifting though my poop, in case I swallowed them, we gave up and I was fitted for false teeth

I now have teeth permanently implanted and I don't think that I will need these any more. I will throw in a brown plastic case for the highest bidder.

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