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Temporama Dish Scrubby
Tag # 000213

Last February, Margaret Stratton had an Artist Residency in California, and her partner didn't want her to drive out there alone.. So she bought me a plane ticket from San Francisco back to Iowa, and I helped Margaret drive across the country.

It was one of the best road trips I have ever been on. We stopped in Utah and visited the Edlund's, (they are my family in Utah, always a roof if you need it, always some food if you want it.)

It is so great when close friends from one place meet close friends from another. Margaret got along so well with my "family" in Utah, and they loved her too. Now Margaret knows exactly who I'm taking about when I talk about Kaya Star, Kris, Laura, Dave, Mark , Ethan, Zack, and Lisa

This scrubby contain photographs from the trip that I took with Margaret. I also made a small web piece about the trip that you can see by clicking here (shockwave required)

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