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Parachuting Party Favors
tag # 000189

When I was a kid we used to sit around in the lower yard and light those green army men on fire.. They would make a subtle hissing noise as they burned and a thick black smoke would fill our nostril's..

As the green men burned, the plastic would melt and fall to the ground.. And when the burning plastic fell it would make a "zipping" noise

Zip...... Zip........Zip.........Zip..

I think it was the noise of the fire extinguishing itself as the molten plastic fell to the dirt.

It was the noise that made us do it.. It was almost Hypnotic, one summer we went through hundreds of green colored army men and even some of the gray ones that were hard to find..

I guess my brothers and I would try and light the parachutes on fire if we had there figures back then..

I now know that that black smoke that I inhaled then is far worse for you than any pack of cigarettes at your local grocery, but I'm sure I wasn't alone in my enjoyment of that slow and steady flaming noise..

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