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Brown "Cliff" Coat
Tag # 000175

Brown Work Coat with yellow "Cliff" embroidery

I have had this jacket for more eight years, every time I have moved it has gone with me. I wear it all year round, it has light insulation and is amazingly warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

I used to write a weekly column called "Cliff Notes" for the Spectator at Hamilton College, I used to write opposite Derrick Johns a conservative republican. Every week we would write about similar issue from differing perspectives. I would call for the end of the fraternity system and he would write about the proud fraternal traditions. He would write about not wanting to see gay people kissing and I would wtrite bout not wanting to see straight people holding hands. My father once received a note from one of his Fraternity brothers which wondered if his son John was really advocating the elimination of Fraternities at Hamilton. I was and they did, and this is the coat I wrote those columns in.

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