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Aleksandr Rodchenko
tag # 000174

I bought this catalogue at the Rodchenko exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art a few years back.. Everytime that I go to New York, I always visit MoMA b/c it is right next door to where Bekah works, the Museum of Television and Radio.

Little did I know then that two years later I would be e-mailing Bekah and asking her to go to the sixth floor library to see whether or not my "US Army Chair" was truly on display.

See I mailed them the chair when Roxane discovered that the cost of shipping her $2.50 chair to NJ would be more than $40.. She told me to donate the chair to "a good cause" . So I sent it to MoMA's Franklin Furnace Artist Book collection and explained that it was part of my ongoing online catalogue "allmylifeforsale"

Now I doubt that they will be including this chair in any major exhibition, but if you make an appointment you might be able to visit the chair in the 6th floor Library.. It is currently on display in the Library as part of an exhibition celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Franklin Furnace Collection.

Oh and Dave has been bugging me to list this book since the day that he tagged it at my inventory party...

Well here it is.....

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