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Two Polaroid Photographs
Tag # 000143

Two pictures taken in my Kitchen with my Polaroid SX 70 camera. One photograph is of my kitchen window, the other is a picture of my friend Lincoln and I. The shutter speed was so slow that Lincoln looks ghost like, scratches in the emulsion of the image spell out "Lincoln leaving". Lincoln now lives in Denver Colorado, and this photograph was taken the last time that I saw him before he left.

I have only been sick from drinking three times in my life, once was when I was 14. Mark Galucci, and Collin Flinn slept over at my house and we drank a bottle of my dad's gin. Then we got up at 7am and hitched a ride from my Dad to go skateboarding in Albany. About a Block from my dad's office, I threw up all over my lap... the other two time both occurred after drinking with Lincoln last year.

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