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Chicago Cubs Tank Top
Tag # 000136

Last Spring, Neighbor Ben and I worked as Production Assistants for Stone Core Films.. We worked for three days and earned NY wages in Iowa City, which meant that I could pay for a sublet in NY City over the summer, for just three days of work in Iowa..

Well actually four days of work. When the Crew from Stone Core were here Ben and I took them out for Ribs at Al and Irene's BBQ joint in Cedar Rapids. Then we went and sang Karoki at Gas Light Alley, the hotel bar at the super8 motel.

Well Ben and I ended up getting drunk and stayed at the super8 for the night so that we could help the Stone Core folks get their rented Panavison Gear to the Cedar Rapids airport early in the morning..

Well there is no air cargo on Sunday in Iowa, So They paid Ben and I to drive to Chicago O'Hare and get the stuff on the next flight out. They gave us the keys to the Uhaul, $1000 cash to cover the air-freight and told us to take ourselves out to dinner in Chicago.

After we dropped off the $500,000.00 camera gear we drove around Chicago in a fully insured Uhaul rental and tried to see how well it would corner on the highway.. Rentals are so much fun. We met my friend Lisa for dinner at Soul Kitchen and had a nice bottle of wine on Stone Core Films... Oh and the point of this story is that I was wearing this Cubs tank top that night in Chicago.

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