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Jesus Nightlight
Tag # 000128

Does anybody out there know where the hell the Underwriter's Laboratories are.. Every thing that has a plug has a UL tag on it, including this little Jesus Nightlight. I can only imagine what the UL headquarters must look like, a giant room with 5,000,000 electrical outlets on the wall, and lot of little kids running around unplugging stuff while it is turned on...

Have you ever seen a product that wasn't approve by UL? Well I think that this little False Idol must have slipped through the bureaucracy. It is a little misleading to show the Nightlight right side up.. You see, this light has a polarized plug, meaning that one prong is larger than the other, which is apparently much safer according to the Underwrites laboratory, but in this case it means that this little lighted lord plugs in upside down...

It works..but..... Do you want a place to pray when you pass out on the floor?

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