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AC Power Adapter Power Book Duo
Tag # 000126

This is the second thing that I ever bought on e-bay.., The first was an AC power adapter for a Powerbook Duo.

See my first Ebay experience was last spring after I had just found a used Powerbook at UI Surplus. It did not have a power adapter and the battery doesn't hold a charge so I looked for a power supply on Ebay.

A new one from Apple would cost $120, so I was willing to pay a few dollars.. I found one with a starting bid of $6.00. So I registered with Ebay and started bidding... After five days of gradual bid increases I went to class feeling assured that my high bid of $12.32 would carry the auction later that day...

Yeah right... I got sniped in the last minutes and lost the item by 50 cents... And to make maters worse I receive not one but two out-bid notices in my e-mail.. So I immediately went back to Ebay and bid $15 on three separate power supplies for my little Powerbook...

Guess what.. Five days later I was the proud owner of three AC Power Adapter for my used Powerbook. This one cam fresh out the box. I received the other tow first so I've never used this one. Do you want it.....



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