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Waffle Iron and Grill
Tag # 000093

Waffles? I've never made them.. I would love to tell you a story about the breakfast I made for someone who stayed at my house, but no such one exists.. In fact I only have one breakfast story worth telling and it involves my cast iron skillet, Ben Franzen, and my friend Courtenay..

As soon as you close the door to my apartment it locks automatically. During the first week that I lived there I locked my self out 7 times, that's once a day. Thank God it was summer and landlord Dan was doing construction on the house. Well the trend continued and the ladders were gone, and the windows were locked and my landlord started to charge me everytime I locked myself out. So I gave a copy of my key to "Neighbor Ben."

And from that point on he kind of made himself at home. Often I would come home to find a few less PBR's in my fridge or Ben doing homework on my computer. One morning after I had spent the night at a ladyfriend's house, I found Courtenay and Ben in my kitchen making a full on Sunday Breakfast..

So don't be surprised some day when you forgot where you got that old waffle iron to see "Neighbor Ben" in your house making himself some breakfast.....

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