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Old Unknown Photographs
Tag # 000057

I bought a huge stack of photographs at the Syracuse Flea Market one Saturday, they are obviously from someone's family box of pictures. It is interesting to look at the children growing up and the girls' interaction with their father. These folks were well to do. It looks like they spent a fair amount if time in Florida in the thirties, and time in the Adirondack Mountains in the summers.

I often throw one or two of the photos into letters that I write my friends. One day I was writing my friend Sara Gibbs in Utah when I came across a photograph of a farm in northern New York. The farm is on Rt. 28 near Gore Mountain, where Sara and I used to teach snowboarding. We had passed that run down farm hundreds of times, and when I went to stuff a random image in the letter I wrote, I found the image of that farm

She may have that photograph but maybe there are pictures in this stack of places you've been to, too...

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