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My Cowboy Hat
tag # 000024

I bought this "Ugly" hat at Artifacts in Iowa City. Mark couldn't quite believe that anyone would buy this hat and asked me to promise not to tell the person who put it on consignment, as not to encourage her to send him any more of those "God Awful" hats.

I wore this hat all over New York City last summer and continue to wear it just about everywhere I go... All last summer I was told that I had to see the movie "Midnight Cowboy". And now that I've finally seen it I'm not sure which of the characters they thought I was.. I liked "Ratzo" myself, having never really fancied myself a Gigolo...

When you wear this hat you start to talk a little slower and people find it easier to believe that I'm from Iowa, even though I was born and raised in Syracuse NY.

Do you need a cowboy hat?

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