Ice Cube Tray
Tag # 000102

There is no real detailed history to this particular part of my life for sale, but I can tell you that this piece of equipment needs to be used in conjunction with a refrigerator. I will include the instructions for making ice and will also include all of the the ice currently in the tray.

I have used Ice from this try to cool burns from my cast iron skillet ,to help chill Makers Mark for long heart to heart chats with my cool friend Sara Langworthy, and even for cooling down a room temperature beer or two.



Stainless Steel Thermos
Tag # 000293

This is the greatest thermos in the world. It has accompanied me in my car for more that 100,000 miles and keeps me caffinated for the 18hr dirves to New York City that I often feel like making.

LM gave me this for Christmas one year. She always got me the nicest gifts. She always bought high quality. Me I'm always for the best deal, but LM, she new how to shop for quality.

One night when I was in Utah I was invited to spend the night in the Patrol Shack at the top of the Snowbird Ski Resort (elevation;14,000 feet). We made a big dinner for everyone and when we woke up I realized that I had a Thermos full of coffee that I had packed the previous morning. Well it was still warm 24hrs later even at 14,000 feet.

I guess I have a lot of cold coffee to look forward to.



Fish Shirt
Tag # 000068

Fish... tropical fish.. lots of them. I love this shirt. One of LM's favorite things to do was shop, and by the time we broke up, I was getting into the shopping thing too..

Actually I've always been a shopper, but as you can see I mostly shoped second hand stores and the like, but I started shopping retail when I was dating LM, I started to like going to the mall. In fact after we broke up I went there on my own and even bought stuff from a department store. Forever a changed man..

Well the pendulum has swung back and I'm not a fan of the mall anymore, but this shirt was the turning point in my brief love for first hand retail shopping. Although discounted this shirt still cost 8 to 9 times what I was used to paying for a shirt but it was worth it b/c it is covered in tropical fish

Calvin Klein Underwear
Tag # 000679

So I've never been much of a label monger, except maybe the coveted old K-Mart Rx labels from the late 60's and early 70's on their polyester shirt. Those shirt are like gold to me, and I often send them to my closest friends .. Bekah and Trey have a few each I think.

But these are a gift from LM's parents and I now have 7 or 8 pairs of these, they are great.

When I was at the Banff Mountain Film festival screening "Clay Pigeons" I watched a great documentary called "True Fans" about a group of guys who rode their bikes across the country trying to get their basketball enshrined in Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield MA. On their journey they stopped in at the Calvin Klein offices to try and pitch a new product.. "True Fans" won the people choice awards at the festival..

Although they didn't pitch a new underwear line I can't help but think of that movie every time I where these draws.

Yes Stamp
Tag # 000141

Do you have a problem saying "No?"

My therapist tells me that I have a problem with saying yes too much. She says that I am so eager to please others that I don't know when to say "NO". This fall I was working 3/4 time for the University of Iowa, taking a full class load and trying to do freelance work for Wind-Up Films. It is hard to say NO when I have this YES stamp around..... Good Luck

Green Shirt
Tag # 000246

Trey and Saori are the Kings of finding me great T-shirts. This is one of my favorite shirts that I ever received from Saori. How this shirt made its way to Japan and then to me, I have no idea.

I've never been able to get through to Larry Green contracting, but maybe he lives in your neighborhood. Or maybe you work for him? The guy who bought my D&D Autobody Jacket is currently enrolled in autobody repair school. The new owner is far more likely to repair fender benders than I ever was....

US Army Chair
Tag # 000329

The University of Iowa had a US Army office at one point and UI Surplus is filled with steelcase desks and the like that used to fill that office.

This wooden chair is one of the first chairs that I had in my apartment in Iowa City. I learned early on that the way to get a good deal from Joe at UI Surplus is to promise to give something a "Good Home"

Who will have a good home for this chair, it needs a little love here and there, but nothing a little wood glue won't fix. Its my favorite chair in the Kitchen.

I read the paper in the morning in this chair.

Opaque Projector
Tag # 000123

So I want to be able to tell you that I used this in a variety of different art installations, at art museums around the world but really that never happened. I bought it thinking that it could be a fun part of some installation or another, it is intended to help display news paper articles on the wall and the like.

Me, I've never used it. I just really loved the box and wanted to rescue it from the thrift store...... It's Italian I think, maybe you can use it to draw or paint with. Or maybe it will just sit in its box on your shelf like its done on mine

Christine Buckton was the first Uiowa Student to create a minstallation in the new minstallation facility at the University of Iowa, maybe she can buy this for her next project...

Stevie Wonder,
Songs to the Key of the Life
Tag # 000805

Do you not own this record? Well don't buy it here, go to your local thrift store and buy yourself a copy. This has to be the 2nd most donated album to the Salvation Armies of the world, and I can't understand why. The first most plentiful album in Americas' thrift stores is Whipped Cream by Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass. Now that was my favorite album when I was eleven or twelve years old.

This album is the best album in the world. I'd list all the songs but if you don't know what's on this record you don't deserve to own it. And since I think you should support you local thrift store instead of Ebay you might as well leave you computer right now and walk down the block, pay your 25 cents and listen to it today...

Or you can bid on my copy, wait ten days for the auction to end, go get a money order to pay for the item plus shipping and handling, and then wait two or three additional days for the us postal service to deliver it to you...

Make Your Booty Itch Tape
Tag #000127

Dave Broda is one of the founding members of Light Work and the Community Darkrooms, he works for the photography services department at Syracuse University He has the best record collection I have ever seen. Every James Brown ever pressed and contemporary house music to drool over, we used to trade tapes back and forth and this is one of the ones that he game me. Its a damn good tape with lots of old funk.

He DJ's at parities at the creamery and Sculpture Space in Utica , NY, If you like dace music then this is the tape you need......

Hamilton College Thesis
Tag # 000880

Information Technology and their role in Surveillance Societies. This paper is a little out of date terminology wise, but many of the predictions that I made in 1994 have been pretty right on. Back then I still called the "Internet" the Information Superhighway , and most of my interactions with the net came through the Gopher system and then later Mosaic.

The paper talks about how information technology is used to gather personal information in an effort to control people. I review literature by Foucault and also look at Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon

My current project allmylifeforsale is informed by my research into information technologies. Part of this project to to see what happens when all of the information collected about my spending patterns and the like is radically changed. If I no longer own the things that supposedly define the type of consumer that I am, will I still consume the same goods and services? Or should the tele-marketers start to call the people who have bought my life?

It's not a bad read if you can deal with the "information superhighway" language. I still have to thank Trey and LM for proof reading this document. You may have noticed that I am still in need of a proofreader.


Standard Photographic Timer
Tag # 000242

I used to work for Light Work in Syracuse, NY, and each year they would have a Tag Sale to support the Community Darkrooms. I saved this old Bakelite timer from the garbage bin after that last sale that I worked for.

After I left Light Work I worked for Wind-Up Films and then eventually I started going to school at the University of Iowa in the photography program. I recently noticed that this timer has University of Iowa property tag on the back of it.

Photograph of Attractive Female Legs
Tag # 000400

This is a photograph of Bekah at Jonathan's wedding, Bekah and I DJ's and for some reason I broke into freestyle raps at some latenight hour infront of a crowd of strangers. I think Bekah might have a tape of it somewhere.


Pop Rocks T-Shirt
Tag # 000212

Did Life Cereals' Mikey really die from the combination of Pop Rocks and soda? I'm not sure are you? But you might die from trying to wear this shirt in Antarctica. Because it is 100% polyester and is so thin that you can see the hanger it is hanging on.

I found this shirt in the undisputed king of Salvation Armies in Utica, New York. I found this shirt during a random trip to Utica with my friends Anna and Derrick, and then we made a pilgrimage to the Uptown Grill, home of the world best cheeseburger as certified by me.. And I have driven across this country filling my arteries in an effort to find a better burger than the Uptown Grill, I haven't found it yet.

John Freyer's Birthday Party
Tag # 000727

My Brithday is on December 31st, and every year I am reminded by my Father that I was the best gift he recieved in 1972. He was able to claim me as a dependant for all of 1972 even though Iwas only alive for 2 hours.

Normally, I spend New Years somewhere in New York City, with Trey and Bekah, but this year I am spending it in Iowa City at the Motley Cow Cafe.

Since I will not be in New York City on my Birthday, my friend Maya is throwing me a Birthday party at "Recess" in Tribecca on Thursday, December 28 at 8:30. This item is an opportunity to be "John D Freyer" at my birthday party, the higest bidder will recieve all of the free drinks that people might buy me as well as any gifts and cards..

"Recess" is on Spring Street between Greenwich and Wrenwick (the old bell cafe) You can get there by taking the C/E to Spring Street, Walk West on Spring Street...