My Blue Guayabera

At my inventory party in October, I instructed the attendees to tag items that they thought were representative of my life in Iowa City.. So they went through And tagged as many items as they could.

At the end of the night I noticed that my favorite shirt was untagged. This shirt. How is it that almost everything in my apartment was tagged right down to my toilet paper but the one thing that I would have tagged first remained untagged?

At first I was pretty happy, b/c at the time I figured if it didn't get tagged I wouldn't have to sell it.. But then I started to think how strange it was that of all the items that my friends had tagged they failed to tag the item that I felt best represented me.

Well its up for sale. I'm selling everything. I wore this when somehow I convinced the Good Morning America crew to come all the way to Iowa to broadcast from my house. Maybe Jack Ford will buy this And wear it to his next broadcast.

LadyLee Saltines
tag # 000991

What? Now this has got to stop.. Ladylee has the best packaging in the world... I love the saltine font.. In fact I think that I have used it in a poster or two..

I didn't have the heart to eat these And if you buy them you could let them sit in your cabinet too.. Or you can eat the crackers And save the box. Sasha is making me a clock out of a box of cookies that I ate.

It would also be a great box to mail something in. Shall I mail it to you?


LadyLee Instant Rice
tag # 000968

Have you ever tried instant rice? I'm not sure what the hurry is.. It only take 20 minutes to cook rice.. When I stayed at the Griz's house in New Orleans he would make toast And bombletes.. All he had in the fridge were eggs, milk, and white bread..

The toast was so good that we thought that he should market it with quotes like "I don't have time to toast, I'm an on the go 90's kind of guy, who's got time to toast? That's why I eat pre-buttered pre-toasted toast. 30 seconds in the microwave, you're done..." The joke was that it only take a minute or less to toast bread, but you know there is someone so lazy that even the thought of making toast seems like too much work..

It was all very funny until somebody mailed me an add and coupon for "Microwave Toast" pre-buttered, pre-toasted Toast.... It actually exists.. Well If it looked anything like this fine box of rice I might just buy it for the packaging alone.


Metal Tin w/coins And matches
tag # 001019

At my garage sale last weekend somebody offered me $2.00 for a giant glass box filled with coins.. When I accepted his offer he kind of laughed because we both knew that there was more than $2 in change in that box.

But I have to sell it all, And I have so much to do before I start to visit all of you that I hardly had time to count all those coins out..

Well I can say that there are many fewer coins in this box but I think there are a few non-copper coins if you know what I mean.. There are also some of my favorite matchbooks.


Polaroid 350 Packfilm Camera
tag # 000988

I used this camera to take pictures at Graceland. They don't have live tours at Graceland any more. Now everyone has to wear an industrial sized Walkman with headphones with those weird disposable earphone covers..

I didn't wear my head set.. I can't stand the idea of getting recorded information with out the benefit of being able to ask questions.. So instead of having a human being leading the tours they have to have a security guard in every room..

Well the guards loved this camera and all crowded around me to watch the image develop.. I guess Trey should have stolen something while I was distracting them, but .... That would get you in Elvis Hell...

Well the guards couldn't answer as many questions at the tour guides once could but they were pretty nice.. If you ever go.. Don't take the tape tour, just ask the guards..


National Geographic, September 1909
tag # 000923

Its crazy that I keep finding more of these.. I thought that I only had three of them but they keep showing up under my bed or in old boxes..

My house is almost empty and this is one of the last things in it.. I have to move out on Monday so I will have to store this until you buy it.

The back cover is off, but the rest of the magazine is intact..


National Geographic, Bound 1913
tag # 000919

I still can't believe that the Saratoga Public Library was throwing these out. Now they have everything on CD ROM.

How long do you think it will take for CD-ROM's to be out of date.. Will they throw those out too when they no longer have a device to play them on?

Maybe in a 100 years they will track your kids down and ask if they can buy back the 1913 national geographic b/c they have no historical copies..



11x14 Photograph from Gay Rights March 1993
tag # 000918

In 1993 I went to the March on Washington for Gay Rights.. I brought my camera and eventually printed a series of photographs from the march.

I was a political science major in college and was particularly interested in constitutional law. In Texas, a court recently ruled that it was OK for law enforcement official to prosecute gays and lesbians for violating deviant sexual act laws while allowing heterosexual to engage in the very same acts.

In Texas all forms of Oral Sex are considered to be deviant sexual acts.. But its OK for a Judge to recieve Oral Sex from his secretary Betty but not his law clerk Bob.

The Gay Rights March was not about securing special rights it was about making sure that we all are protected equally under the law... Archaic laws that allow law enforcement officials to to regulate the intimacy of the bedroom should be applied equally.. Or simply repealed.


tag # 000896

For skateboarders this is the movie of movies. "Hot, Reckless, And Totally Insane"

I don't want to mislead you.. If you don't have an appetite for camp, or have never skateboarded in the 1980's this might not be the cinematic genius you are looking for.

But no skateboarder's video collection is complete without this fine flick. Me? at 28 I've seen this enough.. In fact I think that I've recently started having "thrashin" nightmares.

Maybe I should seek therapy?


Oldest, Rattiest, thing I own.
Tag # 000860

When I wore this in Junior highschool is was pretty damn ratty.. How could have I carried this all the way out here with me. I'm pretty amazed at the types of things I took with me when I left NY.

It could be sewn back together but the it would loose its ratty old charm.. Who wants my oldest piece of clothing?


Blaupunkt Car Stereo
tag # 000782

This stereo has a security system that has a four digit code to make it work.. See if you steal it, it will blink code until you punch in the right numbers..

The only trouble is if you ever leave the lights on it acts as if its been stolen. I used to drain my battery so often that I knew the 4 digit code by heart. But I've been getting better about it.. So the last time I left my lights on I punched in what I thought was the code..

I was one number off.. Or was it two? I spent three days coming up with different combinations... 6889, 8669, 9886, 9668, 8996, 6998, 6882, 2886, 8662, 2668, 9882............

So all you have to do is come up with the four digit code And you can have this fancy German car stereo..

If you do figure out the code will you tell me? I need to know for my own sanity.


AM Radio A Go-Go
tag # 000779

I made this tape when I lived with Franz in Salt Lake City, Most of the songs on the tape came from the records that I found in the garage when we moved in.

Mostly classic rock including a song or two from the canned hear record that I listed last week. Its kind of a weird collection of music, but I consider it one of my better genre tapes.

Tapes are good.. Do people still make tapes? or have CD-R's replaced them?


Color TV Antenna
tag # 000778

I no longer own a TV... I sold Saori Hoshi's TV to Moffet Oklahoma, And my big Surplus TV to someone in Iowa City.

Why pay for cable when you can get 3 or 4 channels for free?


11x14 Dental Transfer
tag # 000777

I found hundreds of dental slides one year, And started making everything with them.. Weird film strips, Polaroid transfers, I scanned And printed them, sent them to friends...

This is an 11x14 ink jet print that I made by scanning one of my 3x5 Polaroid transfers. I have a bit of a fascination with teeth due to my own dental experiences.

My teeth look a little like these...


Smith Goggles
tag # 000667

I sold my snowboard, my boots, my pants, gloves, hats, And I just found these in the closet. To bad I didn't offer it as a package.

You could have gone to Utah And started teaching snowboarding for me. Its been a year or two since I've been There so maybe you could have passed for me.

They guy who bought my birthday party in NYC this winter sort of looks like me now?


Helly Hansen Vest
tag # 000596

Helly Hansen sponsored the film that I worked on before I came to Iowa. They gave us a bunch of clothes to keep ourselves warm in and we let the folks who rode with us to wear what ever they wanted.

This is a good vest to wear in Layers. I wore this all winter long, especially after I sold my winter jacket to someone in Bellingham WA.

I have a bunch of photographs of me wearing this.


Franny And Zooey, J.D. Salinger
tag # 000589

I never read Catcher in the Rye. There is so much that I should have read but haven't. How did I graduate from Highschool much less College?

Well isn't Catcher in the Rye always being pulled from one highschool library or another... Yeah that's a good idea lets keep those libraries as wholesome as ever.. Maybe they should just have a good book burning..

Well, don't burn this book..

Xenon-Short Arc Lamp
tag # 000584

Ben left this in my house. Who ever knows what its used for can buy it on the cheap here. I do know that its a damn big bulb And was shipped here from Germany.

So Ben had this in his house for how many years? And then I had it in my house for 2? If you buy this will you use it? Please buy it to use it. They don't let people sit in my US army chair at MoMA's library.

You can sit in it if you want!

Little Phonebooks
tag # 000579

these little phonebooks are pretty much useless to me as far as finding my friends phone #'s, Everyone I know has moved at least twice since I filled these books.

But the are a really good reminder of who I was back then... I started looking though these when I Photographed them And started to remember people that I used to be friends with, or old girlfriends.

Its a little crazy b/c I have since lost touch with so many of the folks in these books. What is really interesting to see is who's #'s I choose to copy into the newer of the two books.

Snowbird Employee Fleece
tag # 000578

Instead of buying a season pass to snowbird, why don't you just buy my employee fleece? You could just pretend like you work There, go to all the parties, And once And a while have some of your friends follow you in a line down the hill so you look like you are teaching a snowboard lesson.

Its really warm, And I had to wear it quite a bit this winter especially after I sold my winter coat. It is an XL, And is pretty oversized, you can get lots of layers under it.

Huge Small Bag
tag # 000577

Huge? Small? Yup... It unzips on the sides And gets wider but most of the time it is pretty small, it fits a stack of records pretty well for you DJ's out There

It keeps thing straight up And down. I had a shoulder bag once that made everything bulge together. Everything would shift to the center of the bag And become unmanageable.

This bag however keeps everything in its place.. I borrowed this bag from LM one day And she never asked for it back, so here it is for you.

11x14 Photograph from Gay Rights March 1993
tag # 000575

In 1993 I went to the March on Washington for Gay Rights.. I brought my camera And eventually printed a series of photographs from the March.

I was a political science major in college And was particularly interested in constitutional law. In Texas a court recently ruled that it was OK for law enforcement official to prosecute gays And lesbians for violating deviant sexual act laws while allowing heterosexual to engage in the very same acts same acts.

So in Texas all forms of Oral Sex are considered to be deviant sexual act.. But its OK for a Judge to receive Oral Sex from his secretary Betty but not his law clerk Bob.

The Gay Right March was not about securing special rights it was about making sure that we all are protected equally under the law... Archaic laws that allow law enforcement officials to to regulate the intimacy of the bedroom should be applied equally.. Or simply repealed.


Clear Box of Stuff
tag # 000574

Its a big box of stuff, And although I will not list its contents, the box is clear so you can see that it is filled with candy, plastic toys And everything colorful And bright.

I think that There are a few tagged items in here too but I just decided to sell the whole box as a lot.

Guess Checks
tag # 000573

I used to work as a waiter. So I would often come home with my order pad in my back pocket. Technically I think the Motley Cow owns this but?

Do you wait tables? Or even better you could use these to write yourself receipts so that you can right of meals you never ate on your taxes.

I'll write you a receipt for your purchase

Trail Guide to the High Peaks Region
tag # 000572

I don't live There anymore, so somebody near the High Peaks regions should buy this And go on a hike..

Unsold Ashtray
tag # 000571

Last weekend I took all of the stuff that didn't get tagged at my inventory party And brought it all out to my front lawn for the 1st ever allmylifeYardsale...

For two days I sat in 105 degree heat And tried to convince the good people of Iowa that they needed what was on my lawn..

By the second day I was giving stuff away.. And by the 4 pm on Sunday I had hauled the remainders to the curb And was upstairs in my apartment in the air-conditioning.

This was at my curb And no-one took it.. I love this ash tray, its from the Sahara in Las Vegas, which no longer exists.. Surely There is somebody who want this. Even if my fellow Iowan's wouldn't even take it for free.

Flash Bulb Transparency
tag # 000566

I made this out of a metal sheet film holder And a 5x8 transparency of a box of flash bulbs. I had this in my house with a small light behind it.

I guess you could hang it in a window. I like the Juxtaposition of photographic materials, the flash makes light to expose film, to be processed And printed.

Who will take care of this for me?

Da Kine, Snowboard Day Pack
tag # 000565

DA Kine sponsored Clay Pigeons. Kris And I made this pack into our super8 camera bag, we cut up blue foam sleeping pads And made pockets for each of our super8 cameras.

I carried this up to everyplace we shot, with the camera's in it weighed quite a bit. But it is a pretty light back on its own. The back straps hold a full size snowboard quite snuggly.

Make sure you snowboard before you bid on this would ya.

Sid's Beverage Center Shirt
tag # 000287

Um.. If you have lived in Dubuque, Iowa then it is likely that you have one of these shirt. I borrowed this one from Amanda. I guess I should have given this back to here.

I'm not from Dubuque, but I do live in Iowa.

Thoughtworm Button
tag # 000286

Sean e-mailed me asking to interview me about this project. He maintains a Zine called Thoughtworm, which is really great from the issue or two that I have seen.

It was a little hectic when he e-mailed me b/c I had just appeared on Good Morning America, so every FM radio personality wanted to know why I sold my Two Front Teeth. Did you know that 90% of the radio stations in the US are run by just 4 corporations?

Maybe that is why they didn't ask any interesting questions. On the otherhand Sean sent me a list of the best questions that I have been asked thus far about my project.

Long Live Independent Media...... Down with corporate control of the airwaves..

Polyester Baseball Shirt #4
tag # 000251

I bought this shirt at the Salvation Army on Colfax Ave in Denver Colorado. I was There on my first cross-country roadtrip with Trey, Molly And Kristin.

Trey And I were joking around about how we were going to go with them. So much so that we packed our bags And pretend like we were going to load up our bags in the car. And then the joke was that the bags were in the car so lets get on the road..

And soon enough I was in Indiana calling my parents saying that I wouldn't be home that week b/c I was on my way to Colorado. We drove 300 miles out of our way to see the Boot Hill Museum in Dodge City Kansas, The Museum Charged a $3 admission fee so we decide d not to enter, even though we drove all the way to Kansas.

This is a roadtrip shirt.. And I'm coming to visit it too..

My Last Radio Show, 88.7 WHCL
tag # 000250

This is the tape of my last radio show at 88.7 WHCL in Clinton, NY. It was a Friday afternoon show where I played mostly my records from the Salvation Army.

I haven't listened to this in a while, but if practice makes perfect this should be the best radio show I ever had. College radio is the last vestige of freedom on the airwaves.

But even on college campuses they are starting to subscribe to format radio services, Why the hell would a college student want to play songs picked by a corporate record executive?

My Bottle Collection
tag # 000208

Some are full some are empty, Some are Mexican some are domestic, some are from Japan.. Packaging, Packaging, Packaging.

I love Packaging

These will be pretty heavy to ship.. Let me know if you want me to empty them before I send them.

Pinking Shears
tag # 000141

I don't sew. So why do I have Pinking Shears? I use them to cut up photographs with rough edges. What will you uses these for?

I tried to cut my hair with these once.. It pulled my hair without cutting it, Ouch!

Stuff on My Entryway
tag # 000051

A bunch of people tagged stuff on my wall but I'm going to sell everything as a lot. Including the "My First Love Jesus", air freshener that I stole from my first photography job where I assisted with the photographing of about 3,000 separate air fresheners for the Air Fresh catalogue in 1995.

That's right if you have ever ordered any Air Fresh products for your business then you have seen my photography at work. I smelled like some sort of fruit, Pine, Brut, mixture for about a month or two.

There are also post cards, photographs And cards.. And a poster from the cool folks at slabco records

My Vidalia Onion
tag # 000974

This is a good onion. I was told that cooking a Vidalia onion is like washing your hands with Champagne. I cook them but, I like to eat them raw too. They are almost a sweet as an apple.

I dare you do bite right into this one.. And please don't cook with it.. A salad maybe?

Pomade & Medicine Cabinet Lot
tag # 000330

Everybody asks "Are you going to sell your toothbrush?" Well I guess I am..When I went to empty out my medicine cabinet I found this tagged can of Pomade, I'll throw in the rest of what was in the cabinet too. Yes my toothbrush.

My hair tends to stick straight up.. And sometimes I have to bring in the big guns in order to get my cowlics to stop sticking up. Pomade does the trick.. The only trouble it your head starts to stick to things.. like pillows, hats, your friends, and the like.

Does your hair stick up? Or do you want it to? This can still has a few dips in it.


 Domain Name
Last Item to Sell

Today is the last day of my project... It's August 1st and my lease is up, my apartment is totally cleaned out and I have the stuff that is currently on sale locked in a basement of the Art Building at the University of Iowa.

The idea for this project came to me as I was driving back from NYC last summer at right about this time. I thought to myself "how is it that I was able to live for three months with what can fit in the trunk of my car, yet I have an entire apartment filled with the stuff that I have obsessively surrounded myself with?"

So I decided that I would go through the process of selling off that which I didn't truly need.. But it was this damn domain name that changed it all.. The simple task of downsizing was complicated by my fortune/misfortune of typing in a variety of text strings until I found that "" was available.

All my life for sale... that's kind of catchy... Mmm what would such a project entail? It took me a long time to figure it out.. I had an inventory party where my friends helped me decide what I should list first, then I started to write stories about every object that they managed to tag.

Eventually I ran out of things that were tagged at the party and I started to put tags on stuff that nobody got around to tagging.. In the last month I've been trying to get everything that I could possibly listed on Ebay. At one point I had almost 100 items up for auction at one time.

Last week I had a yard sale to end all yard sales and sold as much big stuff and little stuff as I possiblry could and I still had stuff that didn't sell. I brought boxes of stuff to the crowded closet, I even tried to get them to take my couch that I found the street two years ago. On Monday I went to the dump and dropped off all the stuff that I couldn't even give away...

I have the used laptop that I'm typing on (which I bought on ebay with the proceeds of this project) a change or two of clothes, and my little white Honda, that I guess I'll have to sell so that I can visit the folks who bought stuff from me in England, Germany, Australia and Japan.

I plan on visiting as many of the high bidders on my stuff as I possibly can, (with their express permission of course) You can see what I am up to via my ongoing travelogue at

So here are the details of this item.. I hope that the high bidder on this domain intends to use it for Artistic purposes,, I would love to see the project done again by somebody else.. What I don't want to see is some for profit company using the domain name to sell sweatshop produced goods, or even worse to gather personal information on visitors to make a quick buck..

The high bidder will take possessions of the domain name "" on January 1, 2001. This high bidder will be required to maintain contact information for me, John Freyer on, on what ever site they build as long as they own the domain and will require the same of any future owners.

I reserve the right to question high bidders of there intentions for development of the domain before the sale is final..

Who wants to do this next?


Wild Bill's Other Motorola Radio
tag # 000898

Wild Bill's coffee shop is in North Hall at the University of Iowa. The place is filled with random items for sale that benefit a charity organization. Last week they had a 1968 AFM cruiser bicycle that I wish I could have bought. I'm trying not to buy anymore stuff b/c this project has to end..

Well anyways I bought two radios there a few months back and now I have to sell the last one.. Its only AM, but in Iowa that is fine since our NPR news station WSUI is on AM 910.. And when I lived in NY City this summer WNYC is on the AM band too..

Its made of metal so it will probably last forever.


Broken Vintage TV
tag # 000895

Now when I tell stories about buying trinkets and keepsakes at the Syracuse flea market you may understand how it was that I dragged them half way across the country to Iowa with me..

But this? A broken TV that was broken when I bought it? Why did I pack this guy in my little Honda civic... I could have brought another crate of records but instead I brought this..

It is beautiful though, and it does power up and all, even to the point of tuning in the audio of TV broadcasts.. I wanted to show video on it but I never seemed to be able to make it work..

Its a heavy piece of my life.. You might want to be local so you can pick it up.. If not maybe I can bring it to you when I come to visit.