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Old Ivory Soap
tag # 000325

So why I have a 50 year old bar of Soap I have no idea. But I can tell you this. I will never have another one of these.

Its strange to have something that is supposed to used and not use it. Every so often I find cases of super bowl limited edition beer in second hand stores. What are you supposed to do with 20 year old cans of Schlitz?

Well if you buy this do me a favor and use it... the formula hasn't changed in 100 years so... take a bath would ya.

Argus Seventy Five
Tag # 000324

Its a nice little camera for your bookshelf, Kodak doesn't make 620 film anymore but there is a guy in upstate new York that re-spools old film types with 120 film so that all these old cameras can be used again.

When I was at Light Work we hosted Steven Mahan's "Funky Camera Workshop" where we tried to make any camera that the participant brought in to work, we bought a bunch of film from "Film for Classics" and got a lot of the antique cameras to work.

I'm sure that this takes great looking photographs.

Bekah's Brown Socks
tag # 000322

I never pack enough socks! I borrowed these from Bekah during one stay in NYC. What do you do with borrowed socks? Wash them and return them? I'm never sure.

But I always remember where I got them when I where them. Its funny how something like socks can remind you of your friends and family. I borrowed a belt from my dad once, (I never returned it either) But without fail everytime I put it on I think of him.

Do people who bought stuff from me think of me when they put my clothes on? Will you think of my friend Bekah when you wear these socks?

5 Atari 2600 Games
tag # 000340

I bought these b/c I am working on a book of Atari inspired DVD's. My family never had Atari when I was growing up, I always had to go to friends house in order to play video games.

David Tindall used to have all of these games at one point. I was only good at pack-man and even then I could only get through two or three boards

Hopefully you will get more use out of these than I have

War of the Worlds, Original Broadcast
tag # 000351

This is a hard to find record. For some reason in the 60's people released recreations of this broadcast... Sadly they don't compare to the original.

I have used samples of this on tapes for friends and even listen to it side to side once and a while. Orson Welles was a genius.

Tell me you have a turntable for this fine record.

Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Drum Battle
tag # 000349

My dad loves Gene Krupa. Krupa played drums with Benny Goodman's band on that legendary album live from Carnegie Hall.

This album was recorded live at Carnegie hall too. But this time Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa go drum to drum in a battle of skills. I just made a CD of this album for my dad, so he has something to listen to in the car.

Its a great album, another fine listen on a Sunday afternoon


Goin Out of My Head, Wes Montgomery
tag # 000358

Although this is not my all-time favorite album by this guitar master it is pretty nice. I like his groovy stuff more than his traditional standards.

Creed Taylor produced the album, I think he produced half of the Jazz that I like, too bad Ken Burns didn't mention him once, even though he produced everyone from Charlie Bird to Herbie Handpick.

Wes is a great Guitarist

Lester Lanin, Dancing at the Disco
tag # 000355

Now don't get me wrong, this is not that type of disco. Its the frug, the mashed potato, the twsit and the shimmy. This is a few years before Shalimar and brass construction.

Its pretty great though, kind of guitar rocky, like the ventures.. One or two of these may have fit into the mixtape that I made called "Music to Murder By" a compilation of slightly weird music that seem appropriate to accompany fight/Murder scenes in old movies.

I kind of dance like the guy on the cover.

Hawaiian Rhythm, Luke Leilani
tag # 000354

I'm not sure what happened in the late 50's in Hawaii, but I do know that I have two or three Identical records, with exactly the same songs on the same tracks, on the same sides.

But each record is by a different band and has a different cover. I kind of think that there was only one band and each year they would just release the same album under a new name with a different girl on the front.

Hawaiian War chant is my favorite tune on this album.

Environments # 9
tag # 000364

Well, it guess the cover says it all. This was made well before the Sharper image catalogue started selling machines that solely made the sound of wave.

The environment series feature full sides of the sounds of sitting in a field, dusk in Maine, the Oregon coast and the Like. "Its like being there while being here"


# 9 has two sides: A) Pacific Ocean and B) Caribbean Lagoon.

I have to warn you. It ain't dance music.. But actually I have been hearing samples from this record in some drum and bass mixes?

Beat Street, Volume 1
tag # 000363

I could only do the worm. No head spins, back spins, moon walks.. I love to dance but I guess I was a little uncoordinated when I was 10 years old.

I tried to do the worm recently and found myself on the ground writhing in pain after realizing that a few things have changed on my body since I was ten.

I recommend more than cardboard if you plan on taking up breakin in your late 20's

Bob Dylan, Greatest Hits
tag # 000363

You can't dance to Dylan. But there are those Saturday afternoons when the grass is cut and your hands smell of gasoline, that this record goes well with cold clear bottle of Miller High Life.

Although PBR is my beer of choice, the champagne of beers is a good solid second. I was in NY city last week and was once again reminded that a bottle of beer in NYC often hits the $5 range.

Well you can't mow the lawn in Manhattan and I'll never pay $5 for a $1.25 bottle of PBR

Discothèque, Dance Record
tag # 000361

Now this is not so different from my Lester Lanin record, although I've never really checked the tracks side by side, I have a sneaking suspicion that the same guys who made the "multiple" Hawaiian albums made a bunch of "discotheque" records too.

How does one do the Bossa Nova?

Will you dance the mashed potato and the watusi with me when I come to visit my record?

The Breaks, Kurtis Blow
Tag # 000371

This is pretty much the beginning of hip-hop singles. Complete with a instrumental side for "Do It Yourself" This is one of records that I will miss quite a bit.

Mostly b/c of its place in history, Its kind of like owning a 1909 copy of national geographic with the first ever maps of the north pole.

This is a map of sorts too, of early hip hop culture, the instrumental side to encourage others to remix and reinterpret, 10 years before the record companies started sending out their lawyers to stifle innovation.

I can only hope that the new owner of this album will do something cool with it. Something that violates big business copyright laws, and innovates something new.


Greek Dances, and how to do them
tag # 000365

I can't Greek dance. But I could have learned if I only had the time. Do you have the time?

There is a great illustrated book and all the Greek music you can stomach. And as the record says " You don't have to be Greek"

I'm not Greek

2001, A Space Odyssey
tag # 000376

Use of any track from this album in any art project in my classes will get you a big fat F. Although it is one of the finest soundtrack ever assembled.. If I ever have to hear it in another art video or computer animation I will have to take my own life.

Not that I'm serious about that but I have been asked on more than one occasion if this project was leading up to suicide.. Let me assure you it is not. It has been quite liberating in fact to release this stuff.

I'm having a final sale this weekend here in Iowa where I plan to sell everything that I haven't yet sold on Ebay.


Steppenwolf, Herman Hesse
tag # 000379

I read this book the summer of my freshman year in college. Somehow I identified with a lonely old man who lived with strangers, even though I wasn't really lonely and I lived in my parents basement.

I spent that summer working 40 hrs a week at the Price Chopper Deli, I memorized the PLU #'s for every single meat product in the case, and could slice exactly .5 lb of bologna with out even having to weigh it.

Now maybe I really was a lonely old man that summer.

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
Hunter S Thompson
tag # 000378

No computer generated effects will ever be better than reading this book, and Johnny Dep looked nothing like the crazy bastard that I imagined.

Books are better.

Read it before you see the movie or Johnny Dep will fill your pages and its hard for me to think of him without thinking of 21 jump street, not a big show for psycho-tropic drugs.

Gene Krupa, Verve's Chaise
tag # 000414

This is my dads favorite drummer, although the sing, sing, sing on this album is a far cry from the famous Benny Goodman version, its pretty damn good.

Another Sunday afternoon record but you could even play this during dinner if you like. I put this on a CD for my dad too. So much for copyright huh?

I didn't sell it, I just made a copy for my dad.. Fair Use?

Outdoor Skating Book
tag # 000421

My mom sent me this book when she found out that I was an avid skateboarder. At 14 the connection between late 70's roller-skating and skateboarding was far from apparent.

But since then I have bought a pair of disco stylee skates and once an a while don my orange eight wheels at the skatepark, especially when it is full of rollerbladers so excited to be riding on a half pipe..

I like to make fun of roller bladers by mimicking their tricks on my late 70's skates, b/c nothing is more embarrassing than to be compared to the guy on the cover of this book.

Although I do kind of wish that I could grow a mustache like that.

Abby Road, The Beatles
tag # 000418

No record collection is complete without this little piece of vinyl. Its not a heavy gram vinyl so I doubt it is anywhere near a fist pressing, but its a pretty clean record for being saved from the Salvation Army.

Do I now have to swear off the Salvation Army too? Its bad enough that King George wants to violate a precept of this nation that church and state should be separate much less that now the chief recipients are making explicit requests to be allowed to continue to discriminate against gays and lesbians.

Maybe we can send federal fund to George Jones university and they can request the right to discriminate against those pesky Catholics, Jews, blacks, Hispanics, homosexuals, Asian, Indians, hippie's, non white Baptists, Muslims, women, and native Americans. I think that the KKK considers itself a faith based group too..

Oh yeah, the beatles record... do you want it?

Ansel Adams Portfolio Book
tag # 000633

I received this in High School from Jamie. I think that nearly every photographer has a copy of this book. In fact most people's perception of art photography is based on the images from this book.

I recommend looking a little deeper. Looking for photographers who push the envelope a little more than the grand vistas in this book. Look to places like Light Work to see what has happened in photography since the 1950's

But it can't hurt to have a copy of this book hanging around, no one will tell you that Ansel Adams couldn't take a photograph.. (Well maybe a few might say it but......)

Box Full of Stuff
tag # 000426

I always loved this box, its semi clear so you can sort of see what's in it. I won't tell you what's in the box but I kind of wonder myself.

You could just throw the contents out an use the box if you like, or someday mail them back to me?

Its a box, with metal corners and some stuff in it.

Life Magazine, Skateboarding Issue
tag # 000424

This is my most prized Life magazine. Complete with a photograph of a priest on a skateboard, while far from a papel endorsement of the sport, its the religious validation that a former skate boarding alter boy needs.

I will only sell this to somebody who still skateboards. It needs to stay in the family so to speak.

Maybe somebody from SPB will be its new owner... I can only hope.


Enola Gay, the untold story VHS
tag # 000422

Ever wonder why you have something? I guess I do everyday but I am still in wonder about this.. Who the hell would have a VHS copy of a made for TV movie about the bombing of Hiroshima?

Well me of course but I have no idea why, or even how I came to own this.. Did I really spend money on it? I've never watched it, never even cracked open the box to see if the video's are rewound much less the movies themselves.

Its kind of like buying stuff on Ebay, you never really have any idea what you are getting.... last week a guy bought a retro-flash that I had on my shelf... I never used it, it was just on a shelf for decoration and he was upset b/c it didn't work..

I sent him his money back, and I guess I'd do the same if you hates this movie or if the tapes enclosed end up being some girls batmitzvah.


Pen Rack (2)
tag # 000640

Surplus.... Iowa Surplus.. Not sure what these things were actually used for but I use them for pens. They are made from metal and look rather nice on my steel case desks...

I still go to surplus on Thursday, but I just don't buy anything. I still walk around and even haggle with Joe about the price on something, even going so far as to put something on hold.

But they know that I'm selling everything and that I cant' buy anything until this project it over so they never hold anything that I put on hold...

Will I still buy crap at surplus when I am done?

Six Very Fine Tapes
tag # 000639

Tapes... What would I do without tapes? This is an assortment of tapes that I have received over the years from a number of my closest friends. Some are hip-hop, some indy rock, and some are a mixture of everything.

Someday I will e-mail you begging you to make me a copy of these, but now I just have to finish this damn project an get it over with.

These are my favorite tapes and I can pretty much guarantee that they will soon be yours.

Atari 2600 game console w/ core games, paddles and joysticks (2)
tag # 000637

I never owned an Atari Game set when I was a kid, and I'm sorry to report that I am no better at any of these games even now that I have one.

I always played pinball at the arcade. My favorite was the Cyclone, which is based on the famous roller coaster at Coney island, one of my favorite places on earth.

Here is your chance to sit inside and practice your math. A sad attempt at making Atari educational, Bowling? Well its a lot better in person, but Combat.. now that might bring back memories...

Pork Pantry Printing Block
tag # 000635

Do you have a printing press? Well this is a pig printing block and will work with just about any press in the world. I used this to advertise my pantry party where everyone brought what was in their cupboards and was able to eat for weeks afterward.

It doesn't really work as a stamp but I've seen a few cool things done with printing blocks.

What will you do with my little Pig?


They don't make this stuff anymore.. And I no longer own a super8 sound camera. I have had it refrigerated since I've owned it but can't vouch for its whereabouts before me. K-40 color is the best. Hopefully you can use this to make a sync sound super8 film.... it wasn't tagged at my inventory party but the camera was...


They don't make this stuff anymore.. And I no longer own a super8 sound camera. I have had it refrigerated since I've owned it but can't vouch for its whereabouts before me. Ektachrome is pretty fast for cloudy day or well lit indoors. Hopefully you can use this to make a sync sound super8 film.... it wasn't tagged at my inventory party but the camera was...



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