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The Joy of Home Brewing
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Do you home brew? Me I've only made a few batches my self but it would have been impossible without this. Kind of like the Joy of Cooking is to Food....

The first batch of beer that I made was undrinkable except for by me. My friends would take a sip and poleitly decline another drop. Each batch that I made after that tasted s little bit better, and the final batch that i made even impressed the master brewer at the Empire Brewing Company

So will you make better beer than I ever did? Fine Green Shirt, allmylifeforsale

Fine Green Shirt
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I don't golf.

If I did this shirt would get a lot more wear.. Do you work at a job that allows you to wear business casual during the summer.. I'm a full time student which means I never have to look nice..

In fact there are a few people around me who worry that when this project is over I will dress even worse than I already do.. Well I definitely wont be dressing business casual.

How about you.. Its after memorial day.. Wear this to the office for me will ya? Chrysanthemum Beverage, allmylifeforsale

Chrysanthemum Beverage, Pork Pantry
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I don't know what this is, but I've been a little hesitant to make my self a cup.. Yup you guessed it, this must have come from my pork pantry party..

Pantry Parties are one where the invited have to bring an item currently in their Pantry... The idea being that the host who has little to no food, hosts a party where the invited bring stuff to stock his/her cupboard.. I came up with the idea one winter when I was totally broke.

So I invited friends over for a potluck, but since I didn't have much to offer, I didn't want them to go out a buy any thing at a store.. So they just brought what was in there house and I served what was in mine.. I think I will have another one before I go on the road so I can cook for you when I come and visit my Chrysanthemum Beverage... Nice Guys Finish Last, allmylifeforsale

Nice Guys Finish Last
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Bekah used to work for a photographer in NYC.. This is a book made from color photocopies of Polaroid head shots of white middle aged models that were applying to model in some insurance ad.

Its hard to believe hat there are so many middle aged white guys who look like responsible dads. Well this little book is swollen with them.. But I'm a little skeptical of the Mr. nice guy image.

In fact its funny how many models in this book look like they were on their lunch break from their cubicles.. Maybe they should just quit modeling as middle manager dads and just become one? Home Brewing Kit, allmylifeforsale

Home Brewing Kit
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I called the last batch of beer that I made Brown Trout Ale.. This kit includes everything that you need to brew your own beer, including a device for putting on the caps. You will need to buy a large soup pot though..

I left mine in Syracuse with LM.. So I haven't made a batch in Iowa yet. I'm trying to convince my friend Kembrew to buy this from me because I want him to call his first batch "Chem" brew.

What will you call your first batc? I volunteer to taste it when I come to visit. I will warn you that the first batch usually tastes a little wonky.. With my first batch Franz and I would open a cold one each take a sip or two, pour the remainder down the drain and then open a store bought beer to get the taste out of our mouths.

But in the subsequent batches the beer became more and more drinkable.. The Brown Trout Ale was quite a brew.. Even my brother in law had some. Mr. California Shirt, allmylifeforsale

Mr. California Shirt and Pen
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Shirt and Pen? Well the shirt has a few ink spots on the pocket and if I send you the pen along with itm then people will know where the spot came from.

Cause and Effect.. That's how I continue to get away with wearing this shirt.. When someone notices the stain they will point out that my pen is leaking.. Then I can thank them for their concern and pull the pen out while looking at the "leaking" tip.

As long as I don't see the same people every day, I can wear this ruined shirt for months before I have to give it away. How many time will you wear my lightly ink stained shirt and pen? Collection of Candy, allmylifeforsale

Collection of Candy
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Bekah and I have been trading candy for the last eight years. We are always in search of the weirdest looking or tasting candies to send to each other I don't think that I have received the same candy twice from her.

Well this collection is no exception,, Gummi Worms in Oreo Cookie dirt, a bubble gum hot dog, rootbeer flavored chap stick, and even some cherry flavored mallow puffs..

Bekah and I haven't agreed on the protocol for our candy collection, I tend to eat from my pile when I'm hungry..

My personal favorite is the Gummi Roach motel, which is a container that looks like a pesticide can filled with gummp shaped cock roaches. Brick, Brick, allmylifeforsale

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Bang Records in Atlanta had a some really great music in the late 70's.. Brick was a great jazz/disco band most famous for their disco jazz song called "DAZZ"

The first cut on this album is "Ain't Gonna Hurt Nobody" and it is on many of the disco tapes that I used to make.. Its a pure classic without the cheese factor of Saturday Night Fever.

And I've even made a lo-fi MP3 of the first track so you can see how fine it is...

bum... bum.... bum..... bum.. .... buh

click here to hear "Aint Gonna Hurt Nobody" Disco Mixer, allmylifeforsale

Disco Mixer
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I used to own two turntables and would sit around my house in Syracuse and make tapes to trade with Bekah and Dave Broda. I don't seem to have the time to do that now. Nor do I still have two turntables.

Mixing music is kind of hard. When you are making a tape you have devote 45 minutes to each side and have the music planned out in advance.. If you make a mistake you ruin the tape.. Its not like making a mix CD with toast.

I kind of miss tape making. This is a two channel mixer with two inputs per channel, enough for two CD inputs and two Turntables. I had one CD input connected to my computer and the other to my CD, and I only have one turntable now.. Old Time Fiddlers, allmylifeforsale

Old Time Fiddlers T-shirt
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Every Sunday night on WCNY fm in Syracuse NY, they would turn off that annoying classical music and open the airwaves to the Blue Grass Ramble.. It was always home to local blue grass heroes like the Delany Brothers and old tyme classics like the songs of Bill Monroe.

I never listened to Blue Grass until I liveed in Syracuse a few years back. I'm not sure why I like it. Its far from the disco dance club stuff that I played when I was on the radio. But there is a certain authenticity about it.

Especially the Blue Grass Ramble program where letters come in from all over the country with new tapes and records to play. Last summer when was driving through I had to hold my hand outside the window on the antenna so that I could continue to listen to the program as I drove out of range Roadfood Guidebook, allmylifeforsale

Roadfood Guidebook
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Although Jane and Michael have directed me to a number of pretty good restaurants, I will never forgive them for advising Trey and I to eat at the Varsity Restaurant in Athens, Georgia.

Athens is a college town and has 10 to 15 great restaurants, many of which are vegetarian, and for Trey who hadn't had one vegitarian meal since our southern tour began, the Varsity was another grilled cheese sandwich. And I highly doubt that if we lived in Athens that we would ever go to the Varsity restaurant again.

Maybe Jane and Michael need to revisit Athens and offer another idea for a place to eat. Or maybe I should stop driving across the country with vegetarians? Masters of the Universe, allmylifeforsale

Masters of the Universe
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After listening to the theme song from Master's of the Universe, I began to realize why some people have stress related illnesses. Especially the studio musicians who got their $27.50 from singing on this album.

I think many of the writers and studio musicians on this album no write songs for Ricky Martian and the like. If not they are currently sitting in the corner in some institution humming the tune from the theme to this album

This is a far cry from the Power Puff Girls tribute album.. Buyer beware you may find yourself drooling in a corner unable to speak after listening to this album on repeat.. This album could be used in lieu of the death penalty.

Here is a sample MP3:

Masters of the Universe Theme