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October 1909, National Geographic
tag # 000380

So I learned a valuable lesson a few weeks ago on Ebay, even when you are writing descriptive stories about your favorite objects, you have to be exact as possible.

I had a stack of old national geographic magazines. I wrote a story about how I came across the stack while trying remember the approximate dates of issue.. I then put the stack on Ebay.

Within minutes of the listing I started to receive frantic e-mail asking the exact dates, times, maps, articles, pictures of each of the magazines which I had listed. I wasn't at home and had no idea which was which, I only knew that they were old.

Well a bidding war ensued while I looked up the dates and such. When I updated the the Listing all of the bidders retracted their bids.. I guess they were looking for a particular issue..

Well I just found this particular issue tagged on my quickly emptying bookshelf.. Its from October, 1909 and its my only copy..

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